The Southeastern Wisconsin Coastal Resilience project is an opportunity to combine the strengths of multiple organizations in Wisconsin to bring research, outreach, and coordination expertise together to support communities as they plan and prepare for coastal hazards. These are the four primary organizations partnering on this project.

Wisconsin Coastal Management Program (WCMP)
WCMP will manage the project, coordinate with project partners, organize the community of practice activities and facilitate local implementation projects.
University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute (UWSGI)
UWSGI will develop educational materials and trainings, apply geospatial technologies to enhance risk communication and facilitate vulnerability assessments and planning scenario exercises.
University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (UWCEE)
UW CEE will compile shoreline data, evaluate shoreline recession and develop a GIS-based decision support tool to interactively display shoreline recession data.
Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC)
SEWRPC will help facilitate community of practice meetings, assist with vulnerability assessments and planning scenario exercises and help develop guidance materials.