Resilience Resources

The Southeastern Wisconsin Coastal Resilience project will develop a suite of resilience resources to support local capacity to plan and prepare for coastal hazards. In addition, we will also highlight relevant existing resources that may be of use in coastal resilience planning.

Education and Guidance on Resilient Practices 

To provide education on resilient practices that can reduce the risk posed by coastal hazards, we will produce four guidance products.

  • Property Owner’s Guide to Protecting Your Bluff
  • Nature-Based Shorelines for Wisconsin’s Great Lakes Coast Booklet
  • Small Harbor and Marina Infrastructure and Dredging Cost Evaluation Matrix 
  • Resilient Beach Practices Guide

For more details and links to existing related resources, see the Education and Guidance on Resilient Practices page.

Assess and Map Shoreline Change 

To provide updated predictions of potential shoreline recession rates in southeastern Wisconsin, we will analyze historic data and employ models to assess a range of shoreline change scenarios for the region in response to natural processes and human actions on the shore. This information will be made available in a GIS-based visualization tool.

For more details and links to existing related resources, see the Assess and Map Shoreline Change page.

Planning and Policy 

To support planning and policy efforts to address coastal hazards, we will develop an interactive map that provides quick access to local government information, maps, plans and ordinances related to coastal resilience. We will also create a Coastal Resilience Self-Assessment to help identify local coastal resilience planning opportunities.

For more details and links to existing related resources, see the Planning and Policy page.

Resource of the Month

Each month we will highlight a different resource or tool that can assess shoreline changes, provide education on resilient practices, or support planning and policy development for coastal communities.

For this month’s highlight, see the Resource of the Month page.

Agencies and Organizations in Coastal Resilience

*New resource! This page will be updated regularly to compile a list of agencies and organizations that are important in and are related to coastal resilience. These agencies range from local, state, to federal organizations. 

For more details and to see a running list of organizations we have highlighted check out the Agencies and Organizations in Coastal Resilience page.