Agencies and Organizations in Coastal Resilience

This resource is a compilation of agencies and organizations that are related to and involved in coastal resiliency.


Wisconsin Coastal Management Program

Photo Credit: Wisconsin Great Lakes Chronicle 2020

WCMP is aimed at preserving and improving access to the natural and historic resources of Wisconsin’s Great Lakes coasts. They aim to orchestrate the management of ecological, economic, and aesthetic assets of the Great Lakes coastal areas. Some of the objectives that this program tries to accomplish involve improving the implementation and coordination of regulations and policies affecting the coast, planning initiatives, assistance in coastal management, increasing public awareness, and involvement. Their grant program provides grant funding to local governments, nonprofit organizations, schools and universities, and state agencies for coastal resiliency projects. Projects that can be funded through this grant include categories such as wetland protection, pollution control, resource and community planning, education, and preservation projects. Check out this blog post for more info!