Community of Practice

A community of practice is a group of individuals who share an interest and routinely interact to enhance their knowledge and improve their practices regarding their shared interest. The Southeastern Wisconsin Coastal Resilience Community of Practice brings local officials, scientists and outreach specialists together to learn about, share experiences with and develop approaches to address coastal hazard issues. This community of practice meets on a semi-annual basis at locations throughout the region.

Benefits to participants in this community of practice include the following:

  • Access to the expertise and experience of others tackling coastal hazard issues
  • Outreach and training on resources related to coastal hazard resilience
  • Opportunities to build relationships within the region
  • A platform to discuss creative or collaborative opportunities to address coastal hazards

Next meeting 

Winter 2019
Location and time to be determined

Past Meetings 

Spring 2018
May 2nd, 2018
Cudahy Family Library – Cudahy, WI

Recap Blog Post


  • Great Lakes Bluff Failures – presented by David Mickelson, professor emeritus and senior scientist, UW-Madison Department of Geosciences
  • Coastal Erosion in Lake Michigan – presented by Chin Wu, professor UW-Madison Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance Funding Options – presented by Katie Sommers, Wisconsin Emergency Management
  • Field trip to the bluffs of Sheridan Park

Fall 2017 
November 2nd, 2017
Oak Creek Public Library


  • Kicking off the Southeastern Wisconsin Coastal Resilience Grant Project
  • Related Resilience Initiatives
  • New Resource: Adapting to a Changing Coast: Options and Resources for Lake Michigan Property Owners