Great Lakes Port, Harbor, and Marina Infrastructure and Dredging Cost Evaluation Matrix Tool

Great Lakes Port, Harbor, and Marina Infrastructure and Dredging Cost Evaluation Matrix Tool

This tool provides a framework for non-technical users to estimate the cost to repair and replace Great Lakes port, harbor and marina infrastructure as well as to dredge harbors committed to commercial and recreational navigation. The cost estimates calculated with this tool can help understand the value of the existing infrastructure and anticipate potential future costs that may be required to maintain a functioning facility. This proactive planning can enhance the resilience of a port, harbor or marina to adapt to, withstand and bounce back from the impacts of Great Lakes coastal hazards

What is in the tool?

This tool is comprised of two main components, along with a case study example to illustrate its use.

Part 1: Infrastructure Repair and Replacement Cost Matrix

Cost estimates (per linear foot of structure) for repair/rehabilitation and total replacement of 13 entrance and 15 interior structures typically found at Great Lakes ports, harbors and marinas.

Cost_Evaluation_Tool.xlsx spreadsheet has been prepared to automatically calculate final costs from infrastructure section lengths and water depths

Part 2: Dredging Cost Database

Dredging cost estimates (per cubic yard) based on actual contracts awarded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from 2010-2020. Cost estimates are classified by location within the Great Lakes, facility type, dredging project size, and dredging technique used.

Dredging_Data.xlsx spreadsheet contains dredging cost estimates to find similar

Case Study Example: Port Washington Harbor

A written description of the implementation of the tool to at the recreational harbor facilities of Port Washington.

Port_Washington_Case_Study.xlsx spreadsheet contains final infrastructure cost calculations

Appendix A: Glossary – Describes the infrastructure types used in this tool

Appendix B: Cost Estimate Sources – Documents how cost estimate numbers were obtained

Appendix C: Other Port Harbor and Marina Resources – A list of other resources that may be of use to Great Lakes ports, harbors and marinas looking to enhance their resilience




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