A Resilient Future for Coastal Communities Report

December 2020


A Resilient Future for Coastal Communities: Federal Policy Recommendations from Solutions in Practice.

This resource is a new report released in October 2020 from the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI). It highlights 30 federal policy recommendations for making coastal communities more resilient. They were developed from Congressional briefings that involved coastal resilience experts across the nation. The report “represents a distillation of the ideas, findings, and policy recommendations” consolidated from these briefings. The report is available for free online. It is designed to be a usable resource for Congress, federal agencies, and the public interested in learning more about federal policy needs around coastal resilience. The report is organized into six major sections—Community at the Forefront, Land Use and Development, Cultural Heritage, Climate Adaptation and Resilience Data, Disaster Preparedness, and Financing Adaptation and Resilience.


The recommendations are based on six guiding principles:


“These [30] recommendations are brought to life by specific examples of climate solutions in practice today that also hold promise for the future. These various initiatives, projects, examples of community leadership, and funding mechanisms are models for the work that is still needed to accelerate resilience for all coastal communities.”


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