Great Lakes High Water Webpage

March 2020

Great Lakes High Water Web Page

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ (USACE) Great Lakes High Water Web Page is a repository of information compiled to help inform decision-making related to Great Lakes water levels as well as connect people to a variety of informational and planning resources. The web page features four key elements: an FAQ section, informational videos from different offices within USACE, a damage assessment survey, and links to additional resources. The web page is managed by the USACE’s Detroit District. The web page serves as an additional platform that helps the Army Corps provide technical expertise and assistance during this time of high water around the Great Lakes.



Audience & Decision Support

The Great Lakes High Water web page can be used by coastal residents as well as coastal resource managers, planners, researchers, and educators. The web page compiles a variety of resources that provide background information about the conditions that lead to high water levels, what the current water levels are across the Great Lakes, emergency permitting procedures, planning assistance, and more. These resources can help address coastal management issues related to high water levels on the Great Lakes.


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