WI Shoreline Inventory & Oblique Photo Viewer: NEW Bluff Recession Data

August 2019

Wisconsin Shoreline Inventory & Oblique Photo Viewer –

Featuring NEW Bluff Recession Data

          The Wisconsin Shoreline Inventory and Oblique Photo Viewer is a web-based, interactive map of Wisconsin coastal data that enables users to visualize the temporal changes to Wisconsin’s shorelines and it has just been updated with bluff recession data measured from 1956 to 2015. This mapping tool now has both a qualitative and quantitative inventory of shoreline conditions on Wisconsin’s Great Lakes coasts. Geolocated aerial photos and shoreline condition inventories allow users to view images from different years side-by-side to visualize coastal change. Lake Michigan coastal bluff and shoreline recession information is provided for Southeastern Wisconsin (for more information on recession mapping, see our Bluff Recession Measurement Report)

Watch the video below to learn how to navigate the Shoreline Inventory and Oblique Photo Viewer and use the information it provides to identify and prioritize areas for coastal management.


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