What you missed in 2020…

December 20, 2020
By Kayla Wandsnider, Coastal Resilience Project Assistant, Wisconsin Sea Grant


Here’s what you missed over the past year in Coastal Resilience:  

The past year has been an interesting one, to say the least. So, since you may have missed a few posts we have pulled out and highlighted some good ones we know you won’t want to miss! We have linked them here with click bait phrases that everyone loves and every doctor hates.


You’ll never believe what these revetments look like 40 years later…

WI Shoreline Inventory & Oblique Photo Viewer

This one simple trick will solve just about all your bluff erosion problems.

Relocating Buildings Threatened by Great Lakes Erosion and Bluff Failure

Here are 3 surprising examples of resilient communities that you won’t want to miss!

Lower Fox River $1 Cleanup project is finally complete

400 tons and 80 years old – Historic Building Relocation from Bluff in Manistee, MI

Village of Sodus Point envisions the future of using a Community Resilience Model

If we knew then what we know now… we’d be in the same situation, just a little smarter.

USACE Great Lakes High Water web page

You’ll never look at Lake Michigan the same way after learning this.

Myth Busting Evaporation on the Great Lakes and Other Water Level Fluctuations

We didn’t believe it. So we fact-checked it (twice). Now let’s talk about how to make it widespread knowledge.

Introducing: Wisconsin Emergency Management

People are raving about this one trick. Find out what it is!

Ohio Coastal Design Manual



We know there may have been a few blogs, Resources of the Month, and Around the Great Lakes posts, you may have missed too. Here is a list of where you can find all the resources you have been looking for!

December Water Level Update

Resource of the Month landing page

Agencies and Organizations in Coastal Resilience landing page

Around the Great Lakes landing page